Pure Sine Inverter

What is it?

Pure sine power inverter is an inverter (electronic device) which transforms the current from DC to AC and imitates PERFECTLY a house grid current wave, in a pure way.

pure sine inverter wave

pure sine wave

How does it work?

Pure sine inverters are the most advanced power inverters but quite expensive as well, about double the price of a modified sine inverter.

It needs to be connected to a battery or a battery bank as an input, from there it transformes the current from DC to AC and creates a wave identical with the wave of the current in your house grid. It has an output, usually looks similar with a power point where you can connect appliances. Even the most sensitive appliances will work perfectly with no fuzz.

Note! Not to be used if you intend to export power from a power supply (battery, solar panel, wind turbine) to your house grid as they are not electronically ready to export power. If you connect it to a power point, instead of the current that you produced to export to the grid, the actual current from your power point will try to travel into your inverter and will without a doubt blow up. In order to export the power that you produce to the grid, there is a Grid Tie Inverter (GTI) made for this process.


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